Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Catchin' up!

Sorry about the long absence. I feel terrible to those of you who do not have facebook and cannot keep up with me on there. Life has been crazy since I last posted. Obviously, a lot has's been like three months! Oh my goodness! So sorry.

The beginning of the year brought lots of changes. Jon started his Masters of Divinity program and was gone for a week to IWU. During that week, Jon's Pa passed away and it was a blessing that Jon was able to drive home and see him during his last few hours here on earth. I was in an accident and totaled the camry. It had been a great car for ten years but we then had to go car shopping...something that Jon and I both loathed! Sydney started ballet classes and loved it so much she convinced her sister to join as well. So, both the girls are taking ballet and loving it! I started to lead a Beth Moore bible study on Thursday nights. This is not my first Beth Moore study, but it is my first time leading one. It is a great group of ladies and I'm looking forward to what God will do in each of our lives during the study.

Right now just sitting back and enjoying the Olympics. I want to promise that I will not have any more long absences from blogging...but I decline from making such a promise. Life is good but crazy and if something has to go, it will be blogging! Hope you all are doing well.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sorry for the long absence. I'm going to blame it on busy-ness! Our lives have been crazy, but it's all good stuff. I think it's that mentality that keeps me busy though. I'm wrestling with the idea of not blogging anymore. I think it's just one more thing for me to do and one more thing to make me feel guilty if I don't do it. I really started blogging in Virginia so that people like my family and Jon's family could keep up with the girls and all their changes. I've never been fond of blogging or writing in general. So...I will let you know. In the meantime, hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving and enjoy a day of thankful reminders!

Friday, October 16, 2009


A great fall day birthday celebration at Turkeyville, for Pa's 86th!


When the girls are in school, the week flies by! Before you know it, it's Friday! And I remember now why we used to always live for Fridays when we were all in, late nights, sleeping in...even just for a couple days before we have to get back to the grind. Tonight, we had some friends over for taco night and playing cards. We always have a great time with them and their daughter plays so well with our girls. Unfortunately, just when we were getting ready to sit down and eat dinner, Makenzie said her tummy hurt and she wanted to go to bed and not eat. So she was in bed and asleep by about 7pm. I hope she's not coming down with a bug. Please pray for her! Hope you all enjoy your Friday before Monday comes back way too quickly!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

And the girls turn 5!

We had a huge birthday party for the girls' 5th birthday. We had 25 kids and parents at the Bounce Party in Grand Rapids, where there are huge bounce houses, slides, mazes. The kids AND the adults had a great time! And Nana knocked it out of the park once again with the Wizard of Oz themed cupcakes...she is amazing, we keep telling her to use her talent to make tons of cash! I think Jon and I are still in shock on how quickly time has flown by, five years feels like two. It just feels like yesterday that we brought them home from the hospital and looked at each other and said, "When are these babies parents coming to pick them up?" Life felt so strange then, now we couldn't imagine life without them.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First Day of School...

Sorry these are so late, the girls' first day of Young 5's was last Thursday, and I'm finally just getting these pictures downloaded to my computer! I thought things would slow down and get into a rhythm when the girls started school, but it really just feels like life is moving quicker. Enjoy the pics! They will be 5 tomorrow! Hard to believe that 5 years has gone by since they joined our family. I can't really remember much about life before they were here except that I had more time and more money! But they are...priceless.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Going to the lake...

Going to the lake this week with Ali's fam and Nana & Papaw! We rented two cabins at Long Lake in Hasting and will be spending the week there. The cabins are about ten steps from the beach/lake, so lots of beach time! Taking about four books to read...I may be thinking way too positively as far as that goes since we will still have all the kids around! Like a friend of mine once said, "it's a trip if you take the kids, but it's a vacation if you have no kids." Well, this is definitely a trip, but I think it will be a really fun one! Will update you with photos on the flipside. Have a great week!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Last night, some of my girlfriends took me out for ice cream and then to see the movie Julie & Julia. It was a birthday surprise planned by my hubby and my good friend Sherry. I was picked up by Lori and then driven to Maggie Moo's where 6 other friends were sitting there waiting for us. Friends, ice cream, popcorn, good movie...what more could I have asked for on the day after my birthday? The movie is a definite recommendation, I give it an A. It was a great movie about the support and love of the men behind two women and how they couldn't have succeeded without them. Julia Child's hubby called her "the butter for my bread and the breath of my life". Too sweet! A very touching moment when she, Julia, found out that her sister was pregnant (Julia was unable to have children) and she cried into her hubby's shirt and then said (as she was bawling), "I really am so happy for her". I knew exactly how she felt and started bawling too. It brought back some very intense memories for me. I remember the exact spot where I was sitting in our home in Virginia when Allison told me on the phone that she was pregnant. I bawled but was also so happy for her too. Weird, conflicting emotions. But I do believe "all things work together for good" and I now am able to be empathetic towards those who are going through the same thing in their life.